An empowering workout combining drills and skills from boxing and martial arts – great for relieving stress and improving fitness.

Circuit Combo:

Circuit session combining cardio exercises with resistance training using body weight, medicine balls, thera-bands, free weights and fitballs for a fun, high intensity workout to kick-start your day.

Core Fitness (Monday):

A variety of circuit, cardio and strength building workouts specifically for mums.

Core Fitness (Wednesday):

A circuit style class with exercises targeting things such as correcting posture, strengthening glutes, core & pelvic floor work and overall strengthening and toning. This class is adaptable to all skill levels.

Core Foundation:

This class focuses on building up the pelvic floor, abdominals and glute muscles as well as stabilising your spine and joints in order for you to move on to a more advanced program. It is a progressive class based on your own strength and fitness level with both cardio and resistance training exercises included in each class.

Fitness Pilates:

An hour of movement and stretching to build and strengthen core muscles.

Functional Circuit Training:

Burn away those calories with this high intensity, interval style class. It’s sure to get your heart thumping mixing body weight & functional movement exercises for greater mobility and strength.  Get ready to sweat it up and challenge yourself, Remember sweat is just fat crying.

Let’s Dance:

Using a variety of dancing styles to a wide range of hit songs from many genres of music including Latin, Pop, Swing-Jazz, Hip-Hop and World Music. A perfect class for those who love to have fun whilst enjoying music and dance.

Power Bar:

This class ensures your whole body receives a fantastic strength conditioning workout top to toe! A fully choreographed resistance workout to music using barbell and weights. Power Bar is excellent for osteoporosis prevention, weight management and for increasing muscle strength and metabolic rate.


Explore the dynamics of a yoga practice that enhances the proper functioning of the endocrine (hormone producing) system. Health, strength and vitality will be natural by-products of your dynamic but sensitive work.


The zumba program fuses hypnotic Latin rhythms and easy to follow moves to create a unique fitness program. Experience an absolute blast in one exciting hour of calorie burning and body energizing movements.


Aqua Workout (held at the Noosa Aquatic Centre)

Traditional Aqua class applying the water’s resistance and using different equipment. Great for
burning fat and shaping muscles. 25m pool.

Aqua Deep (held at the Noosa Aquatic Centre)

Make the most of the benefits of deep water with this challenging class. Buoyancy belts and noodles
used. 50m pool.

Active Aqua (held at the Noosa Aquatic Centre)

A great all-rounder aimed at those looking for a more intense class. 25m pool.