Support Videos

We are here to support you throughout COVID-19. Our team members and trainers have compiled some tips, tricks, training and resources in an easy to follow video format which we hope you will find useful when it comes to managing your mental and physical health and general wellbeing at this time.

Please Note:
Participation in physical activity has an element of risk attached to it, including the risk of serious physical harm, injury or death. If you choose to take part in the following fitness video, you do so in the knowledge and acceptance of these risks.

We don’t want anyone to put themselves at risk of unnecessary harm, and as such, we encourage you to consult with a doctor or medical professional prior to any form of exercise if you’re unsure whether you’re physically able.

If you use any equipment while following along with this video, please ensure you check it is in safe working order prior to use.

Intermediate Strength Session with Kirsten

Join Kirsten for an interval strength session. Working your entire body with simple exercises requiring no equipment, this video is aimed at an intermediate level.

Advanced Bodyweight workout with Riley

Riley takes you through a series of bodyweight exercises at a high intensity, mixing cardio and strength. Get ready to puff and sweat, this one will raise your heart rate through the roof!

Stretch Class with Delia

This is a 20 minute stretching class with Delia, working on fascia release, increased mobility, flexibility and better posture.

Gentle Chair Aerobics for Beginners

30 minutes of Chair Yoga with Delia improving mobility, posture and muscle control. Suitable for all abilities and age groups including those with injuries.

Lite fitness with Nicki

A 15 minute session with an extended warm-up followed by fun exercises training your body as well as your brain.  Suitable for all ages.

Mat Yoga with Kate

Join Kate for an intermediate Yoga session to reconnect mind and body, and improve mobility, flexibility and strength. Class includes a gentle ten min warm-up followed by more challenging poses suitable for those with previous Yoga experience.

Line Dancing with Sue

Why not learn a short, easy dance as a fun activity to enhance your co-ordination and memory.

Pilates Fusion

Join Delia for this short Pilates Fusion mat workout. Suitable for all age groups, this combination of stretching and Pilates will raise your strength and flexibility levels.