Terms and Conditions of Hire

Please read the following terms and conditions before hiring the centre.

  1. The hirer warrants that the application for hiring is made by a duly authorised person and acknowledges responsibility for payment of the hiring fee and for any liability which may arise from the hiring of the centre.
  2. The deposit of 20% of the hiring fee is not refundable and is payable upon the lodging of this application. Failure to pay will be regarded as a cancellation.
  3. The balance of the hiring fee (80%) is to be paid no later than seven (7) days after receipt of invoice.
  4. Hiring fees are payable to the centre in which your booking took place ie. Noosa Aquatic
    Centre or Noosa Leisure Centre.
  5. The authorised person shall be responsible for crowd control, the behaviour of patrons inside and around the centre and responsible for the control of noise volume.
  6. All correspondence, posters or publicity advertising the events should identify by whom the event is organised, and should not give the impression or imply that the event has been organised by the management of the centre or is supported or endorsed by Noosa Shire Council.
  7. Noosa Shire Council reserves the right to cancel the booking if the chief executive officer decides that the centre is required for any civil emergency, in which case all money paid will be refunded.
  8. A bond of $500 is payable (as a separate cheque/cash) with the balance of the hiring fee on account of any loss or damage including removal of rubbish and cleaning.
  9. The hirer must obtain any license or authority which is required for the conduct of the event and a copy given to the manager of the centre when the balance of the hiring fee is paid.
  10. The hirer is to observe the requirements of the Queensland Workplace Health and Safety Act 2011.
  11. Any modifications or special temporary structures eg. lighting, scaffolding, stages, catering equipment being added to the venue for the event must be approved by council and installed by licensed tradespersons.
  12. The hirer upon payment of the hiring fee indemnifies Noosa Shire Council against all claims for loss, damage or penalty arising from the use of the centre including any legal costs on a solicitor and client basis.
  13. The hirer is to insure against public liability for $20 million or as otherwise required by Noosa Shire Council and produce a certificate of insurance when paying the balance of the hiring fee.
  14. Because regular bookings will receive a discounted rate, if a major event or a multi-day event requires the hire of the centre your booking will be suspended for the duration of that event.
  15. Hiring fees for regular bookings will be charged monthly by invoice and are payable within seven (7) days of the invoice date.